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URL : https://mcp.microsoft.com/Anonymous/Transcript/Validate
Transcript ID : 950103
Access Code : ajith2011

Certification Details

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  Web Developer   Jun 14, 2011
  Windows Developer   Jun 07, 2011

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.Net Framework 2.0, Web Applications   May 09, 2011
.Net Framework 2.0, Windows Applications   Mar 31, 2011
  SQL Server 2005   Jan 31, 2011

Functional Expertise

OperatingSystems : Windows XP, Ms. Dos,windows7,Windows 8
OfficePackage : Ms-Word, Ms- Excel, Ms-PowerPoint
Database : Ms-SQL Server 2008, Ms- Access,My sql 5.2
Languages/Tools : VB.Net,C#, ASP 2.0, C++, HTML,Joomla 1.7, Moodule 2.0,XML,CSS, Webservice,NHibernate


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My published APIs for developers.

1) Free Qr code generator Mashape  
2) Indian mobile number information.
3) Unlimited acces for SMS database.  Mashape  
4) Free Qr code generator API with custom logo. Mashape  
5) Love Calculator. Mashape
6) Check if Email Address really exist or not using this API. Now you can validate Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook email ids. Mashape  
7) єηтєя уσυя тєχт αη∂ ¢нαηgє тσ ƒαη¢у тєχт υѕιηg тнιѕ ¢σσℓ αρι Mashape  
8) Holy Bible- Retrieve whole bible words both The oldTestament and The New Testament based on chapter or selected verse.  Mashape  
9) Facebook Video Downloader Mashape  

Youtube downloader

Youtube Downloader is a fastest free video downloader without any adds. Download and convert videos into avi video format or into mp4 (compatible with iPad, iPhone). You can download High Quality videos, High Definition and Full videos from YouTube. Youtube Downloader HD is a Freeware!
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SMS applications for Indian mobile users.

  1. author 6
    @ecards By Codzz.com 12 Oct 2014 03:25 am

    Celebrate this Diwali with colorful ecards. Say Happy Diwali with your emails just by sending an SMS. @ecards Your name,Receiver's email,Your message to 51115

  2. author 6

    Check any gmail address Really Exist or not without sending mail. This app supports 95 percent of other domains like txtweb.com,codzz.com etc. Send @echeck emailid. Eg @echeck acdfdfs@gmail.com or @echeck abc@txtweb.com

  3. author 6

    Ever had to send a message or a letter and didn’t know how to spell a word? Imagine submitting a job or internship application and misspelling a word on your CV or Covering letter! Embarrassing right? Say goodbye to spelling errors, check all your spellings on SMS with @spellcheck!. Send sms @spellcheck your sentence to 92665 92665

    1. author 5

      The news goes multilingual! Get the news in Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and more just by an sms.Send sms @newsm to 92665 92665.

      1. author 4

        W@n7 7o 50Und l1ke @ H@CK3R? Have no idea what that sentence meant? Well, it a translation of the awesome app @itext that translates any text you want into the language hackers use. Impress and Surprise your friends with this one! Well Send sms @itext to 92665 92665.

  4. author 1

    Convert your text to speech and download your text in mp3 format from returning url. The file size will be depends on your sentence length (approximately 30 words = 4kb).Convert your text just by an sms.Send sms @t2s to 92665 92665

  5. author 2

    Save your favarite website as image by sms and download it later. Send message @screenshot Eg: @screenshot www.google.com to 92665 92665

  6. author 2

    Access your Gmail from your mobile just by an sms. It is 100 % secured application.Send sms @mbox Username Password to 92665 92665

  7. author 2

    Find the mobile number location and operator Details by sms. Trace any Indian Mobile Location, Locate service Provider, state/circle, signaling and other information. .Send sms @mfind Eg: @mfind 9000000000 to 92665 92665

  8. author 2

    Check World Weather Information by sms.Get realtime weather updates, pls follow next steps..Get Indian cities weather,Send @wwi city name eg: @wwi bangalore. Get World wide weather,Send @wwi city name,Country eg: @wwi London,United Kingdom to 92665 92665

  9. author 2

    Calculate Age From Date of Birth. This App is helping to Calculate age from Date of Birth.Send @agefind your date of birth Eg: @agefind 05/12/2011 to 92665 92665

  10. author 2

    Unlimited messages in one keyword. This app is providing more than 1000 random SMS under different categories.Send @txtsms to 92665 92665 and select your sms category to receive msg.

  11. author 2

    Set your mood and get daily sms to your mobile based on your mood. :) Send @mood to 92665 92665

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